About Us

Missouri KIDS is a resource for families whose school-aged children suffer from permanently disabling injuries and some have lost the use of their bodies below the waist or neck. Many such injuries occur during sporting activities, but those hurt under other circumstances also are eligible for assistance if they participate in athletics.

A severely disabling injury can have a devastating impact on an individual and his or her family, not only physically, but psychologically. They have just entered into a world where even the simplest task is a monumental feat and where feelings of isolation and loneliness are very common.

Since our founding in 1975, Missouri KIDS has provided direct aid and referral services to dozens of injured students and their families, providing quality of life resources to help injured student help themselves.

Resources include:

  • Grants for Customized Vans and Accessories
  • Electric Wheelchairs and Beds
  • ERGYS Stationary Bikes
  • SAEBO Rehabilitation Devices
  • Shower Chairs
  • Chair Lifts and Ceiling Lifts
  • Home Modifications including ramps, bedroom and bathroom remodels
  • Environmental Systems
  • College Tuition Assistance, Books and Computers
  • Athletic Equipment including racing wheelchairs, rugby chairs and adaptive hunting equipment

Missouri KIDS recipients may continue to receive resources from us long after their injuries.  In addition, Missouri KIDS recipients Doug Landis, Greg Houck, John Hollingsworth and others are now becoming mentors to younger recipients, eagerly sharing their experience and knowledge.