18 Wheels MA

The life and spirit of todays trucker, mirrors that of the old west cowboys and cowgirls so similar, that the two can be divided by evolution and progress alone. Just as the earley cowpokes and wranglers where determined to drive their products to market from one town to another across the vast countryside. So is todays trucker motivated to drive their products across the same backgrounds as their counterpart. From the small towns, to the big cities, from across town to cross country. The stars and prairies have remained the same, but these lone drifters have evolved into asphalt cowboys & gear jammers. Not every one is able to call the open road their work place, and their play ground. But we can, and we do! We’re the Steel Horse Cowboys and Cowgirls of 18WheelsMA and we play on the same roads we work. We’re dedicated to the trucking industry, and to all those hands that spend their day’s and night’s behind the wheel, in a love hate relationship, with (not just a job) but a way of life. We’re law abiding, and have members from every  walk of  life. From a tractor to a one ton. We are, AMERICAN TRUCKERS. If  you would  like more information about us, please feel free to brows our site or contact us.