FastLane C-Store

R.G. & Betty BakerIn 1972 R.G. and Betty Baker started First Capitol Oil, little did they realize that their family business would grow into one of the most progressive petroleum marketers in Eastern Missouri.

In the beginning, First Capitol Company Oil sold fuel oils and lubes. After a few years, the company expanded into direct gasoline marketing when it purchased its first service station. In 1984, R.G. and his eldest son, Wayne, purchased Warrenton Oil Company (WOCO), of which First Capitol became a division. In 1993, the company expanded westward when it purchased the Columbia operations of Davis Oil. The acquisitions and new station start-ups have continued ever since. WOCO operates retail, wholesale and transportation divisions. The retail division consists of 30 FastLane Convenience stores, 31 carwash bays and 12 food operations. The wholesale division sells and distributes fuel oils and lubes, while transportation delivers xxx gallons of fuel annually from St. Louis to Columbia. In 2004 WOCO continued growing and diversifying with the addition of a hotel division. Their first hotel, a Holiday Inn Express, in Fulton Missouri opened in May 2004. the second hotel opened in Warrenton Missouri in May of 2006.

Many companies claim to be family businesses, but few can match WOCO in this regard. All of R.G. and Betty’s eight children are actively involved in the Company’s management. Headquartered in Truesdale Missouri, the company employs close to 400 people. Current and future employees can be assured Warrenton Oil Company will continue to grow while remaining, as it began, a “family business”