Our Kids


Brad was involved with the swim and water polo team at Lindbergh High School before his accident.  His water polo team placed 2nd in state both years and he was a state qualifying swimmer.  While running from the beach into the ocean, he … Read More

Dru H.

Dru lives in Perryville and attends Perryville High School.  Dru came off of a stellar 8th grade year and in her class of approximately 180 students, she was named female Student Athlete of the year because of her talent and good … Read More

Drew H.

At CBC High School in St. Louis, Drew was a linebacker for the football team.  He was injured falling from a balcony.  "Stronger than Ever" quickly became Drew's motto because of his determination and perserverance.  Missouri KIDS has … Read More


Mackenzie, age 6, and her family were involved in a car accident. Kenzie suffered major injuries due to this accident including a broken back and damage to her spinal cord. Mackenzie’s injuries have resulted in paralysis from her chest … Read More


Anthony grew up in Arnold. He was injured while playing football. Missouri KIDS was able to assist Anthony with several things to make him more independent. Anthony’s bedroom & bathroom were remodeled to be accessible. A concrete … Read More


Becky grew up in Eolia playing softball.  She currently works for a local church as an administrative assistant. She loves to spend time with her husband, daughters, family & friends. She also enjoys reading, painting, spending time … Read More


Blake lives in Gerald. He was injured when he fell from a tree stand while hunting. Missouri KIDS has been able to assist Blake in a number of ways. An accessible van with e-z locks empowers Blake to enjoy his growing independence. … Read More


Chris lives in Washington. He was injured in a motorcycle accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Missouri KIDS has assisted Chris’s independence with a SAEBO hand stretch device designed to maximize arm & hand function … Read More


Clayton lives in Defiance. He played high school football. Clayton was injured in a motorcycle accident. Missouri KIDS has enhanced Clayton’s independence with a stair lift, a wheelchair, & exercise bike called a Theracycle. … Read More


Cougar Clifford lived in Louisana, MO and attended Louisiana High School. On a winter day, he was out having fun in the snow with his friends. At one point, he did a flip into snow pile, landed on his head, and his neck being was … Read More


The Original Missouri Kid Doug, the first Missouri KIDS recipient, lives in Ballwin. He was injured in a high school wrestling accident & the outpouring of support for him after his injury lead to the beginnings of Missouri … Read More


Drew lives in Herculaneum. Drew was in a car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury & unable to hold up his head on his own. Then MO KIDS entered his life. Drew’s mom, Kathy, says, “The assistance from MO KIDS has … Read More

Greg F.

Greg lives in St. Louis. In the summer of 1983, Greg broke his neck in a diving accident. He had dreamed of becoming an architect. Greg says, “There are kind-hearted people who have stepped up to help me; extremely significantly and very … Read More

Greg H.

Greg is from Neosho. His love for rugby didn’t end when he was injured in a biking accident. In fact, Missouri KIDS helped Greg pursue his talent in professional competitive wheelchair rugby. His first connection with Missouri KIDS … Read More


Jeff grew up in St. Louis. He loved sports. He played baseball, participated in track & field, and was a swimmer. After Jeff was injured in a diving accident, Missouri KIDS was able to assist Jeff in completing both bachelors and … Read More


John & his family live in St. Peters. A basic move gone wrong during high school football practice left John with a traumatic head injury. John says of Missouri KIDS, “The assistance I received has allowed me the ability to … Read More


At Parkway North High School in St. Louis, Kiland Sampa was an avid tennis player. In fact, he led his team to State as a freshman and well-ranked in the United States Tennis Association. And then came the pool diving accident that changed … Read More


Margaret lives in Jefferson City. Margaret was injured in a car accident when she was only five years old. It was her love for & participation in cheerleading that helped her connect with Missouri KIDS. Until Missouri KIDS came into … Read More


Mariya lives in St. Louis.  Mariya was a competitive swimmer until she was injured in a diving accident. Missouri KIDS has been able to empower Mariya’s independence with the purchase of a Swedish help arm which is a counterbalanced … Read More

Michael B.

Michael is from St. Louis. He was an agile baseball player until a diving accident into a landscape pool changed that. When asked what Missouri KIDS has meant to him, Michael responds, “The assistance has been invaluable. Without the YMCA … Read More

Michael S.

Michael grew up in Perryville where he was a high school football player. He was injured in a car accident.  Missouri KIDS has assisted Michael with a racing wheelchair that he uses for competitions. Michael now works as an insurance … Read More

Mike R.

Mike lives in St. Louis. He was a basketball player until he was injured doing a back flip. With the help of the Missouri KIDS scholarship fund, he has graduated from Webster University with double majors in secondary education & … Read More


Morgan grew up in Rolla. He was injured by a tackle in a high school football play-off game. Missouri KIDS assisted him with an accessible van. When Morgan first received his van, he went to church for the first time in five months. The … Read More


Paul lives in Lake St. Louis. He was a cross country runner in high school. He was out running one day when he was hit by a car. He received a traumatic brain injury in that accident. He loves dancing, bowling, sports, & … Read More


Scott’s family, four children & his widow, live in O’Fallon, Missouri. After breaking his neck in a diving accident, MO KIDS was able to provide a customized van that enabled him to drive for himself. The van was a life-changer. It … Read More


Travis was raised in Marble Hill and played basketball until he was involved in a car accident. He is the presiding Commissioner for Bollinger County. Travis loves sports, puzzles and family activities. He is very clear that MO KIDS has … Read More