The Original Missouri Kid

Doug, the first Missouri KIDS recipient, lives in Ballwin. He was injured in a high school wrestling accident & the outpouring of support for him after his injury lead to the beginnings of Missouri KIDS.

Not unlike many whose lives change dramatically after a life-altering injury, Doug battled depression. To challenge him to direct his energy into more positive direction, Doug’s brother tossed down the gauntlet by betting Doug he was better at drawing. Not being one to let a challenge go unmet, Doug took the dare. That one dare catapulted Doug out of depression & into a life of purpose. Doug is now a self-taught, internationally known wildlife artist whose work is renowned for its uniqueness & intricacy. He works for the International Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Association.

“I wouldn’t be what I am today without Missouri KIDS.  They have given me opportunities that I could enjoy & participate in. Without a specialized van, I wouldn’t have been able to return to high school or go onto college. Missouri KIDS has provided me computers & adaptive equipment that help me through school, work & my art.”

To Missouri KIDS donors, Doug says, “I thank each & every donor from the bottom of my heart.  You helped Missouri KIDS make real & positive changes in my life.

To learn more about Doug, please visit his website: