Michael B.

Michael is from St. Louis. He was an agile baseball player until a diving accident into a landscape pool changed that. When asked what Missouri KIDS has meant to him, Michael responds, “The assistance has been invaluable. Without the YMCA membership that Missouri KIDS gave me, I would not have been able to easily continue my recovery once I came home from the rehab center. Thanks to that generosity I work out three or four time a week & continue to get stronger. In addition, Missouri KIDS assisted with the costs of a month of intensive therapy at my rehab center in Atlanta.  There I was able to work with experts in spinal cord injuries & improve my strength, endurance & agility. I am very grateful.” Michael enjoys pursuing his interests in photography, music, eating, foreign languages, Doctor Who, candy, art, helping the environment, hanging with my friends, & so much more.

Michael now attends a university in Atlanta, Georgia.

To Missouri KIDS donors, Michael says, “Thank you! It is comforting to know that Missouri KIDS is always there to help me with support, information & assistance if there is anything I need as I work towards recovery and independence.”