Mike R.

Mike lives in St. Louis. He was a basketball player until he was injured doing a back flip. With the help of the Missouri KIDS scholarship fund, he has graduated from Webster University with double majors in secondary education & history.

Mike says, “The assistance that my family & received from Missouri KIDS has been life altering. Due to some of the things Missouri KIDS provided us with, I’ve had a number of opportunities that were afforded to me that I otherwise would never have had. The importance of the assistance that Missouri KIDS has provided me with, some of them such simple accommodations & comforts as being able to take a shower, has been monumental for the comfort & enjoyment of my life.”

Mike enjoys history, travel, reading, sports, working out, spending time with his friends, dogs & other animals.

To Missouri KIDS donors, Mike says, “I wish that I could somehow find a way to convey the wealth of emotions & gratitude that I feel every time I think of Missouri KIDS & those who donate to the cause. There are some things in life that are so great they are impossible to be expressed in words. All that I can say is that I am sincerely grateful & appreciative of all of the selfless donations that have come in since Missouri KIDS have been helping my family and me.”